Graduate Database Systems (Spring 2024)

Syllabus (Readings)

Readings and lecture notes will be kept linked in this Google Sheet. For context, the syllabus from the last offering in 2020 is here.

Course Description

The Database Systems field has been exploring issues in data storage, management, processing and analysis for over 50 years. In our data-rich 21st century, the lessons of the field apply increasingly broadly across Computer Science and beyond.

In this course we will study a range of papers from the distant and recent past. Given the breadth of the field, it is not possible to cover it comprehensively. Our focus will largely be on core database systems topics, and while the emphasis will be on systems work we will not shy away from theoretical results where relevant. The readings will mix classic papers with emerging results, and revisit topics that may be ripe for revival given current technology trends.

Course Format

This is a graduate seminar, and student participation is a key part of the experience. The course will be held in-person, and regular attendance is mandatory.

The bulk of the course will involve learning from research papers, both classics and recent results. Students will be expected to read papers in advance of class, and participate in class discussion. Students will also undertake independent research as part of the course.